The Peace of Christ

"Glory to God in the highest." What is the beauty? What is the magnificence that has come? That God, in the sending of Christ and in the coming of Jesus, makes peace with mankind. See, you and I, the Bible is clear, are broken from birth. We are rebellious against our Creator. Every one of us. "There is none righteous, not even one…" All have gone astray. All fall short.

Refining Love

We like to think of how God loves us and forgives us and is for us, not against us, and he sings over us, like the prophet Zephaniah says, and he rejoices in us. All of those things are true, yet is it not true that deep and abiding love moves toward action? Malachi's appeal here is, "Don't be halfhearted because God is going to refine. He is jealous for you. He loves you. As a loving Father, he won't allow harm to come to his children per their nonchalant hardheartedness."

Jesus at Christmas lunch

A word from Frances about grace and mercy at Christmas.

The Power of Hope

It's not just that God is giving hope, but it's descriptive of the very nature and character of the God we serve, that he is a God of hope. The beautiful truth about this reality is that hope is not based on probabilities but based on promises. 

All the hope you and I have down here at this level, all these misplaced hopes, are based on probabilities. "I think I have a really good shot at this promotion. I think if I put this much away in my superannuation and it grows at this much interest, then I should have this type of nest egg when it's all said and done."

All of that is based on probabilities. It is based on a kind of wish and a hope that may or may not come true. Whether it's a person or thing, a system or spouse, whatever it is, you're banking on probabilities, but with the God of hope it's different. You're banking on promises, and you're banking on promises God himself has made.

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