What does it really mean to be content in all situations.

The mind of Christ

We already have it, but it needs to be revealed in us.

Strengthened in our inner being

In times like these we need all the strength we can get. To get it we need to let Jesus in to the whole house.

Good for us.

Eat your spinach James!


Some tips on meditating on the Word of God

A victorious Eschatology

A word from Brady about how our view of the end times affects how we live.

Worship 101

What is worship and what is it about?

Being born again

A word from Peter Rathjen


A word from Emily about changing names and identity.

Gospel of Peace/Shield of Faith

Part 3 on the Armour of God from Ephesians 6:10-18. Unfortunately part 2 did not record.

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