We are back from Zambia again. As usual things didn’t go as planned. At least by us. It seems God had some plans though.

We did in fact speak at the two youth events: Redeemed Christian Church of God youth camp and Youth for Christ, and the three churches: NCF (expat church), Bread of Life Chankute, and Emmanuel Church Chingola. Just the timing was a bit fluid. We also got to speak at a couple of small group bible studies.

But probably at least as important was the amount of one on one ministry that occured. A number of people came for prayer ministry and word seemed to spread.

Although I went with a sense of a ‘change of season’ in regard to Zambia, God made some new connections this year. In particular we have been invited to speak (for a whole week) at a Bible College that trains pastors for the Apostolic Church. So we need to seek God about the future there.

God bless


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